Privacy Policy

    At Ikes Tropical, our service is what we value the most. Below are the Impeccable services we render. 

    1. Several and Fast Delivery of Purchased Product. Choose the option that suits you best.
    2. Same Day Pick Up of Purchased Products.
    3. Herbal Supplement Consultation. We sell a variety of herbal supplement. And our knowledgeable customer service representatives are able to listen to your needs and suggest which supplements would better help.
    4. Skin Care Consultation: Over the years, with Sales of a large range of skin products, we have gathered the experience of knowing which products work for common skin conditions. Whether is it dark spots, dry skin, oily skin, we have a product for you.
    5. We offer Consultation and wholesale distribution services to up coming and new Afro Markets.
    6. We Sell Overseas shipping containers and link customers to 3rd Party Shipping Agents. There are options between Air shipping and regular Overseas Shipping.