Golden Tree KingsBite Chocolate 100g

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Our flagship products are the GoldenTree de luxe chocolate bars. There are seven different brands namely, Kingsbite, Oranco, Akuafo, Coffee Choc, Portem Nut, Portem Pride, Tetteh Quarshie and Aspire. Currently they are produced sizes in 20g, 50g and 100g.

Produced from 100% Ghana premium cocoa beans, GoldenTree confectionery products have no cocoa butter substitutes. Since our first chocolate bar was produced in February 1965, GoldenTree chocolates have not ceased to delight discerning consumers. The GoldenTree chocolate bars are specially produced to withstand the hot tropical climate of Ghana and elsewhere


Kingsbite is a milk chocolate designed to melt delightfully in the mouth with a smooth release of all the rich goodness of cocoa and milk. Ghana has a rich traditional heritage of Kingship and Kings in Ghana are the custodians of historical information, especially the history of cocoa in Ghana.

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Type: Candy
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