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D, Bayor Living Bitters

Beneficial for digestive tract problems, brain fog, weight loss, depression, headaches and more. Ingredients: bitter gourd, cinnamon, curry leaves, jamun, amla gooseberry, fenugreek, garlic, abochie bark, acia, bols babde root, bois bande bark, cerasee, chickory,...
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55H+ Cristaline Glycerine 5...

DESCRIPTION Fine composition of glycerine, enriched with extra quality vegetable products, preserving all main properties and vitamins. Manufactured using the best lightening plants. Its soft and deep action feeds and moisturizes the dermis, keeping it...
$22.99 $30.00
Ikes Tropical

Titus Sardines

Sardines in soybean oil
Ikes Tropical

Oloyin (Honey) Beans

Organically Grown, locally sourced sweet beans
Ikes Tropical

McVities Digestive

One of the most popular biscuits worldwide  Imported from England Delicious Digestive Cookie. Great with a cup of tea or even coffee! A firm favorite with young and old. A good source of Fiber No...
Ikes Tropical

Ocho Rios Sweet Plantain Chips

Sweet Crunchy Plantain Chips
Ikes Tropical Food Market

Cadol Compound Tonic

This Liquid Dietary Supplement contains a multitude of vitamins and minerals to support the immune system and promote extra strength and vitality.* Specifications Comes in two different sizes: Large (16.9 fl. oz.) and Small (6.76...
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